Image Pre-processing Part 5: Image Segmentation

Read Time: 4 min In previous posts, we discussed different pre-processing techniques using opencv. You can access these posts from here: In this post, I have explained theoretical overview of an important and widely used concept i.e. image segmentation. Before moving ahead, first we need to understand the difference between object recognition, object detection and … Read more

Image pre-processing through OpenCV (Part 4)

Read Time: 3 min In last post, we discussed some image processing techniques using opencv like denoising, edge detection, histogram etc. Here I have explained color filtering, contour creation and drawing of geometric shapes on image. You can access previous posts from following links: Table of Content: Color Filtering Contour Creation and finding it’s co-ordinates Drawing … Read more

Image Pre-Processing through OpenCV (Part 3)

Read Time: 5 min In part-1 and part-2, we discussed basic terminology used in image processing, functions like denoising, threshold, rescaling, smoothing. Here comes part-3. In this section, I have explained masking, blending, sharpening, transformation, erosion and dilation. All these are used in image processing very frequently. Let’s check one by one. Table of content: Masking Blending Image sharpening … Read more

Image Pre-processing through OpenCV (Part-2)

Read Time: 6 min In part-1, we learned basic terminology and operations to pre-process the image. In part-2, let’s check some other methods. Table of content: Image Thresholding Image Smoothing Rescaling Denoising Image Thresholding Image thresholding is used to extract the desired information or pixels from the image. There are 3 types thresholding can be applied using openCV Simple … Read more

Image Pre-processing using openCV (Part-1)

Image pre-processing using opencv Part 1

Read Time: 5 min Image pre-processing is an integral part of computer vision for analyzing the image for almost every application. Usually Image pre-processing steps are very specific to use case or application type like objection detection, object segmentation, text extraction, facial recognition etc. Here in following post “Image pre-processing using openCV (Part-1)”, I will discuss basic operations on … Read more

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