Basic concepts of Automatic Speech Recognition

Read Time: 4 min Speech is an integral part of communication. Importance of speech recognition has been increased over the years with advancement of technology. Through this tutorial, you will be able to get familiar with Automatics speech recognition system, necessity of such models, key terms, architecture of such systems and applications. Table of Contents: What is Automatic Speech … Read more

Bias Variance trade off

Read Time: 3 min To solve the mystery of bias-variance trade off, we need to first understand what is meant by bias and variance in data science. Why it is so important for analysis of machine learning model. Does it create any issue while training or testing? If so, what are the techniques to handle those problems. let’s dive … Read more

Regularization Techniques

Read Time: 4 min As you know, literal meaning of regularization is to manage or control things. Machine learning model also demands regularization sometimes. Through this post, you will be able to know about what is regularization in machine learning, why does machine learning model need it , different regularization techniques like L1 and L2 regularization methods , dropout … Read more

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