All about Google’s Inception network

Read Time: 5 min Through this post you will be able to understand all about google’s Inception network architecture, it’s different versions, how to use it for transfer learning, real time implementation. Let’s start: Table of content: What is Inception network? Problems solved by Inception Network architecture Inception v1 Inception v2 Inception v3 What is Inception Network? Inception network … Read more

All about Activation Functions

Read Time: 5 min It seems bit confusing when we need to decide which activation function will be the best for a particular neural network. Through this post, you will be able to understand all about activation functions as it’s meaning, different types of activation functions, how to use them and their right place to use. So let’s start: … Read more

Image web scraping using python

Read Time: 4 min Through this post, you will learn how to collect images from Google directly i.e. “image scraping” using python. What is the most important or primary element if you want to solve real world problem using deep learning or machine learning? I think, Data!!! “Data collection” is a huge pain especially when you need to train … Read more

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