End To End Machine Learning Project

Cohort Starts 26th March, 2023
Timings: 10:00- 12:00 PM IST (Each Sat, Sun)
Level: Intermediate
Duration: One month


By this Bootcamp, you will get:

Technology you'll learn






Scikit Learn

End To End Machine Learning Project

About Bootcamp

A live 10 days Bootcamp where you will learn everything about building the pipeline of a Machine Learning Project. 
You will get the opportunity to learn everything, starting from Exploratory Data Analysis to model selection, model optimization, and deployment techniques so that project can be taken to the production. The entire Bootcamp will include a theoretical explanation and dedicated hands-on practice sessions. 

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to the business problem, Software installation

  • Installation Guide

Day 2: Data Analysis (Part 1): Data Wrangling, Data Visualization methods

Day 3: Data Analysis (Part 2): Statistical analysis of the data, Feature Extraction and feature engineering methods

Day 4: Machine learning algorithms: Linear Regression, assumptions, evaluation metrics

Day 5: Machine Learning algorithms (Part 2): Classification algorithms: Logistic regression, random forest

Day 6: Creating Machine Learning model and making it deployment ready

Day 7: Rest APIs and Docker basics

Day 8: Building UI dashboard with HTML, java script

Day 9: Deployment using docker, Rest API (Flask), and UI

Day 10: Extension possibility to the project, interview questions on the project, learn how to showcase the project in an interview. Small assessment


  • Laptop with i3 processor
  • Basic knowledge of python (Python IDE)
  • Basic understanding of ML algorithms
  • Stable internet connection

About the Mentor

Arpita Gupta

Founder & CEO of Let The Data Confess

Why to join

Nowadays just theoretical knowledge in data science is not enough. You need to have complete hands-on experience on data science projects from scratch to deployment to master the data science as well as crack the data science interview.

This Bootcamp will provide you with such an amazing opportunity to practice along with your learning.

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