#Be A Superhero in data world

Data Avenger

Are you always buzzing with energy and driven by ambition? Are you passionate about data science and AI? Want to be the face, voice and evangelist of Let The Data Confess to spread about this cutting edge technology?
Then you have come at right place..!! 

Why Data Avenger ?

Be LTDC’S face in your college

Get Guidance

Get Certified

Leadership Skill


LinkedIn Recommendation

Great Network Opportunity

Rewards, Prizes

Want to earn these stones?

Space Stone

Space Stone grants absolute control over space itself. To earn space stone, you have to increase your presence across the globe.

Time Stone

The Time Stone allows its user total control over the past, present and future. You will get it, once you show your consistency in performing the given tasks.

Mind Stone

Mind Stone grants whoever holds it complete control over the hearts and minds of others. To get this stone you need to work on your planning and execution skills together.

Reality Stone

The Reality Stone gives the ability to control dark-forces and at full power, manipulate reality. Imporve your marketing skills to get this stone.

Soul Stone

It essentially has the ability to control all beings in the universe by tapping into the very essence of life itself. To get soul stone, let your heart speak out about us and let others know as well.

Power Stone

Power Stone it makes you just as strong as the strongest person to masterfully wield it. To earn this, you need to gain leadership skills.

Shareable Certificate

Who can apply?

Anyone who is willing to develop leadership skills, want to learn new things, and improve communication skills..!!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all of your questions!

Yes, students from all universities across India, can Apply for this role. 

This program is for 3 months duration initially to get your internship certificate. But you can continue even after 3 months to get exciting rewards and incentives. 

The main responsibility of data avenger is to complete the given tasks. 

You can apply by "apply" button at the top of the page. 

Once you fill the form, you will be contacted by our team within 24 hours. 

Any student who is willing to learn new things, improve their communication skills and build a strong network within data science community. 

Yes, there are plenty of incentives which will be given on completion of each task. 

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