Quiz Time

Welcome to 100 days of challenge

Everyday, we come across a lot of data science, machine learning or deep learning stuff. We understand, learn and implement things everyday. Few of them, we can remember, few get slipped out of mind.

To account this problem, we have prepared 100 days of challenge of data science/machine learning/deep learning questions.

“Questions open a space in your mind that allow better answers to breathe.”

― Richie Norton

Link to access Questions:



1. Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about data science

2. What is the benefit of taking these quizzes?

If you are a beginner: You can get a head start of memorizing your concepts
If you a
re an Expert: You can sharpen your knowledge and keep yourself updated.

3. Where will I get these questions?

We have created a telegram channel, you can join that and participate easily. Here is the link for channel: https://t.me/letthedataconfess

4. If I am not able to answer question, what will be the next?

Don’t worry. Everyone learns by mistakes. We will provide brief explanation of that answer next day with examples if possible.

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