# Bootcamp and masterclass

Upskill Yourself

Embark on a journey from a beginner to expert in the Artificial Intelligence domain with a practical approach, real-time projects, and the latest technology and trends under the best mentor's guidance. 

Build a Real Time Project

Get an opportunity to work on Real Time Project and showcase it on your Resume.

Get Certified

Get a certification to showcase your skill to the recruiter’s.

Live Mentoring

Resolve all of your doubts immediately and make your fundamentals strong.


AWS Serverless Architecture using Sentiment Analysis

Ever imagined, how IT industries cope with the ever-increasing demand for computing resources, their manageability, and maintenance. It has become the need of the hour. Cloud computing eases this difficulty.

And how cloud computing incorporated with Data Science? How real world project is designed with AWS and machine learning?

This Bootcamp will provide you with an amazing opportunity to understand and feel the power of Cloud Computing (AWS) with many mini projects & the Capstone Project (including Machine Learning).

# ML 2.0

End To End Machine Learning Project

A live 10 days Bootcamp where you will learn everything about building the pipeline of a Machine Learning Project. 
You will get the opportunity to learn everything, starting from Exploratory Data Analysis to model selection, model optimization, and deployment techniques so that project can be taken to the production. The entire Bootcamp will include a theoretical explanation and dedicated hands-on practice sessions. 

# Chatbot 2.0

Build your own Chat Bot from scratch

During this macro bootcamp, you will be able to build your own chatbot from scratch to deployment using python and NLP .

This bootcamp will not just give you an overview of making a conversational agent, but also a deep dive to natural language processsing