Prepare through Mock Interviews to make yourself job ready!!


How are mock interviews helpful for your data science journey?

  • To stand out in high competition
  • To help to learn story telling
  • To help you to simulate interview environment before actual one
  • To help you to learn how to explain technical concept in layman terms
  • To help you crack coding questions asked in an actual interview

How Does Our Program Work?

Phase 1

Step 1

Form Filling

You need to fill the given form, mentioning all of your details related to professional background and submit it .
Step 2

Profile Analysis

We will analyze your profile and provide you the interview slot within three working days.  
Step 3

Scheduling The First Session

You can schedule the first session based on the given slots and be prepared for the first session.
Step 4

Conducting The First Session

In the first session we will help you to improve your resume and guide you to prepare for the interview.
Step 5

Providing The Feedback

At the end of the session we will provide you the detailed feedback and the improvements needed in your projects.

Phase 2

Step 1

Preparation Time

After the first session you will be given one week time to  work on your weak points.
Step 2

Scheduling The Second Session

You can schedule the second session based on the given slots and be prepared for the last session.
Step 3

Conducting The Final Session

One hour of rigorous interview will be taken based on the profile you have applied for.
Step 4

Providing The Final Feedback

At the end of the session we will provide you the detailed feedback and the improvements needed to crack the actual interview.
Step 5

Access To Recordings

At the end of the final session we will provide you the recordings of both the days for your future reference.


  • No. of Sessions : 2
  • No. of Hours : 2
  • Profile Assessment : Yes
  • Feedback Report: Yes
  • Session Recordings: Yes
  • Ideal For: Freshers

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What Are You Waiting For ???

About Interviewer

Arpita Gupta

Arpita Gupta is the founder of Let the Data Confess Pvt Ltd, where her vision is to bridge the gap between “classroom concepts” and “industry requirement”, by providing professional guidance to individuals. She has changed countless lives through her guidance and mentorship to other data science scholars.

She has completed her post-graduation from BITS Pilani. Her post-graduation research paper focused on concepts of AI and Deep Learning. She further decided to venture into the field of Data Science professionally. Currently, she has 4+ years of work experience of working as a Data Scientist and a Researcher. Arpita now primarily focuses on her entrepreneurial venture, which involves supporting and mentoring data science aspirants.

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For non technical background aspirants like me, it was difficult to know where to start from. Knowing that someone has got my back in times of huddles and difficulties, makes the journey no matter how difficult it is, a very beautiful one. Can't thank you enough for your guidance and for always being there. Looking forward to more of our sessions!

Arpan Mishra Analyst at Caspian

"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war" The mock interviews helped me to prepare myself for every possible situation in the interview and how to tackle it. It also helped me to dig into the concepts I was unfamiliar with. Arpita ma'am is truly an amazing data scientist and helping people to get into data science from this mock interview series. I would totally recommend to someone who is facing difficulty in cracking the data science interviews.

Yash Balwir Project Engineer at Curl Analytics

"Learning journey can't end by having an academic degree in Data..." I’d like to thank Let The Data Confess Pvt Ltd for giving me the opportunity to participate in "ChatBot Development bootcamp", more than 16 extensive hours were organized virtually over the 11 days, I’d also like to thank Arpita Gupta and Let The Data Confess for their awesome sessions and amazing learning experience.

Maisoun Majid Haddad Data Science Specialist

I started this data science course with absolutely zero coding background and frankly speaking I was bit skeptical before joining this course. However my trainer or I can say motivator arpita mam trained me so well that today I'm not only able to code by myself but also I have started researching on many topics to learn and spread it on social media platform . Over the whole journey she helped in every aspects and motivated me so well that I'll never forget in my upcoming days.

Subhradeep Guha Data Scientist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are here to answer all of your questions!

    Nothing just knowledge of the role you want to apply for. Leave rest on us!

    Not for now. We are to going to cover only data science related interview questions.

    Your Interviewer has 4 years of experience and has taken more than 100+ interviews so far in data science

    Sorry, We won't be able to provide any refund once payment is made. However, you can reschedule the interview.

    Yes, we can schedule one more round for existing user. For that you need to pay Rs 1500 /- Extra

    These sessions will be conducted on Zoho Meeting.