All about Google’s Inception network

Read Time: 5 min Through this post you will be able to understand all about google’s Inception network architecture, it’s different versions, how to use it for transfer learning, real time implementation. Let’s start: Table of content: What is Inception network? Problems solved by Inception Network architecture Inception v1 Inception v2 Inception v3 What is Inception Network? Inception network … Read more

Image Pre-processing Part 5: Image Segmentation

Read Time: 4 min In previous posts, we discussed different pre-processing techniques using opencv. You can access these posts from here: In this post, I have explained theoretical overview of an important and widely used concept i.e. image segmentation. Before moving ahead, first we need to understand the difference between object recognition, object detection and … Read more

Image Pre-processing using openCV (Part-1)

Image pre-processing using opencv Part 1

Read Time: 5 min Image pre-processing is an integral part of computer vision for analyzing the image for almost every application. Usually Image pre-processing steps are very specific to use case or application type like objection detection, object segmentation, text extraction, facial recognition etc. Here in following post “Image pre-processing using openCV (Part-1)”, I will discuss basic operations on … Read more

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