Automate Data Analysis using Autoviz

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Automated data analysis with data visualization involves using software tools to automatically process and analyze data, and present the results in an interactive and visual way. Data visualization helps to make complex data sets more understandable and allows for quick identification of patterns, outliers, and trends.

Autoviz is a Python library that automatically generates visualizations and summary statistics from a given dataset with just one line of code. It uses a combination of statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms to select the most appropriate visualization type based on the data type, distribution, and relationship between variables. Autoviz can handle large datasets, handle missing values and provide insights into the data.

In this masterclass, we will discuss all those things in detail.

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Arpita Gupta CEO at Let The Data Confess Pvt Ltd, BITS Pilani Alumnus, 6+ years of experience in Data Science and NLP

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