Build your own Chat Bot

Chatbot bootcamp
From Jan 8-  Feb 6, 2022 (1 month)
Timings: Sat & Sun 11am to 1pm IST

By this Bootcamp, you will get:

What will you learn:

Course Curriculum

Introduction to chat bot, NLP, installation of required softwares 

Understanding Intent, entities, building natural language understanding pipeline, 
introdcution to RASA framework

Feature Extraction in NLP: Word Embedding, transfer learning 

Dialog management in chat bot, RASA core functionalities. Defining slots, types and working with forms using python 

Building small conversations using python: chat bot implementation

Integration of advanced tasks in RASA

Understanding databases, connection with MySQL, Deployment techniques, Docker Deployment using docker, incorporation of security in chatbot 

Making chatbot accessible to users: intergration with whatsapp, telegram, facebook 

Extension possibility to the project, interview questions on chat bot, learn how to 
showcase the project in interview. Small assessment 

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Session 1:Introduction to chatbot, NLP, installation of required software’s 
Session:  Understanding Intent, entities, building natural language understanding pipeline, introduction to RASA framework
Session 3:  Feature Extraction in NLP: Word Embedding, transfer learning 
Session 4:  Dialog management in chat bot, RASA core functionalities. Defining slots, types and working with forms using python
Session 5:  Building small conversations using python: chat bot implementation
Session 6: Integration of advanced tasks in RASA
Session 7: Understanding databases, connection with MySQL, Deployment techniques, Docker. Deployment using docker, incorporation of security in chatbot
Session 8:  Making chatbot accessible to users: intergration with whatsapp, telegram,  facebook . Extension possibility to the project, interview questions on chat bot, learn how to showcase the project in interview. Small assessment 

Bootcamp Details

About this Bootcamp

During this macro bootcamp, you will be able to build your own chatbot from scratch to deployment using python and NLP in just one month.

This bootcamp will not just give you an overview of making a conversational agent, but also a deep dive to natural language processing.


This bootcamp is specially designed for beginners. You just need to know about python and basic understanding of NLP.

Why to join

Nowadays, there is no company that is not working on building a chat bot. After 
pandemic, as everything went online, the need for automating customer services is 
increased. So learning chat bots if you are in data science domain, is quite necessity now.

Date and Time

From January 8th to Feb 6th, 2022 
Sat & Sun 11am to 1pm IST. 

Registration Fee

About Mentor

Arpita Gupta
Director of Let The Data Confess Private Limited

How to join us

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